All You Need to Know About TMJ

All You Need to Know About TMJ

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ Disorder) on your bite is one of the major problems that can affect your smile. If not treated on time, it can lead to many other problems such as malocclusion, muscle pain, and tooth mobility. This disorder prevents you from having a proper occlusion and stable bite. People suffering from this syndrome complain of misalignment of upper and lower jaws. It can cause pain in your face, neck, shoulders, especially jaws. TMJ treatment is a great option for people suffering from TMJ.

What is TMJ treatment?

It is a type of treatment that helps you to restore the alignment of the upper and lower jaw. Once your dentist determines the TMJ condition, they will suggest you use mouth guards and recommend some TMJ exercises and bite therapy.

The treatment is done on two levels. The first thing that the dentists focus on is the pain relief methods. They do it by applying dental splints and mouthguards to provide temporary relief. The next thing that they do is employ bite therapy principles to pinpoint the cause of the misalignment of the jaws.

You should know that using a TMJ mouth guard is not the solution for your TMJ symptom. People suffering from TMJ have weak joints so one should not do something that damages their jaws. TMJ mouth guards indeed relieve pain, but using them for a long time can damage joints. Like any other thing, a TMJ mouth guard also has some harm.

People using it has to open their mouth all night, it means that you are allowing the entry of harmful bacteria all night. Using mouth guards should not be used if it is due to trauma or hereditary causes.

TMJ treatments help alleviate the pain and also strengthen weakened joints. Jaw exercises are recommended by dentists to ensure that the jaws are relaxed and they do not get affected by clenching.

TMJ exercises can restore your upper and lower jaws to their original alignment. You should keep in mind that you can never do this treatment on your own. You need to hire a good dentist for a consultation. They can give you appropriate TMJ exercise depending on the condition of your TMJ.


The Benefits of TMJ Treatment

  • You can remove your discomfort
  • You can reduce your risk for dental damage
  • You can enjoy your meals once again
  • You can protect your ear health
  • You can enhance your overall health
  • You can boost your mood and quality of life


Who is it for?

TMJ treatment is necessary for people suffering from TMJ symptoms or misalignment of jaws. One can consult a dentist in their area and disclose all information related to the condition of the jaw and they will choose the right course of treatment. The dentist can only determine whether the person needs TMJ treatment or not. If you are successful in getting the right treatment then you can relive your life and say goodbye to TMJ symptoms. All you need to do is find a good dentist in your area.

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